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    BHA made a final verdict for Abbot fatalities
BHA made a final verdict for Abbot fatalities
Newton Abbot: had four deaths at last week's fixture. Source: racingpost.com

BHA made a final verdict for Abbot fatalities

Following a thorough assessment by the British Horseracing Authority, Friday's meeting at Newton Abbot will proceed as scheduled despite four equine fatalities at the track last week.

The recent fixture at the South Devon circuit saw seven races on good to firm ground. After investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths, the BHA concluded that the injuries were sustained in unique circumstances with no external factors linking them.

While individual reviews into the fatalities are ongoing, the BHA found no issues with the racing surface or facilities at Newton Abbot. The racecourse's record of three fatalities out of 1,524 runners in the last two years is below the national jumps average.

The Fatality Review Group is conducting a detailed investigation into each fatality, as is standard practice. The BHA and racecourse veterinary teams will ensure the horses are in optimal condition for Friday's meeting by conducting pre-race examinations for all runners.

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