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    Young Dev thrives in demanding conditions at Navan
Young Dev thrives in demanding conditions at Navan
Image courtesy of The Irish Field

Young Dev thrives in demanding conditions at Navan

Young Dev showcased tremendous determination as he galloped towards victory in the thrilling three-mile handicap chase at Navan, crossing the finish line with an impressive lead of three and three-quarter lengths.

While Rolly Bowley Boy valiantly led the charge for a significant portion of the race, it was Eoin Walsh's unwavering determination that allowed Young Dev to prevail in the intense battle that unfolded between the final two fences.

Under the skillful guidance of jockey Daniel King, Young Dev swiftly closed the gap on the frontrunner, ultimately overtaking them at the last hurdle. With a graceful landing, Young Dev surged forward, triumphing at odds of 12/1 after experiencing a surge of support from the betting community, causing the odds to shorten from 18/1.

Although Rolly Bowley Boy showcased immense potential, today was not their moment of glory, settling for a respectable second place with odds of 4/1. The 5/2 favourite, Positive Thinker, faltered and faded into third place, trailing the victorious Young Dev by a considerable distance of eight lengths.

Reflecting on the triumphant ride, jockey Daniel King commended Young Dev's exceptional jumping prowess, attributing their success to the horse's flawless technique. King emphasised Young Dev's preference for the prevailing ground conditions and the three-mile distance, noting that the horse's performance could potentially excel even further over longer distances. He also expressed gratitude for the unwavering support from the owners, who have consistently backed Denis Hogan, the trainer.

This victory marks the seventh career win for Young Dev, a remarkable achievement for the ten-year-old gelding, solidifying his reputation as a highly accomplished and talented competitor on the racing circuit.


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