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    Victorious Diva Steals the Show with Flair
Victorious Diva Steals the Show with Flair
John The Diva with jockey Niall Moore (centre) at Thurles by Healy Racing

Victorious Diva Steals the Show with Flair

John The Diva triumphs in Holycross Maiden Hurdle at Thurles. 

In a thrilling finish at Thurles, John The Diva exhibited true racing prowess as he surged ahead in the final moments to claim victory in the Holycross Maiden Hurdle.

Gentle Anna, initially a reserve, appeared poised for a surprising win as she took the lead just before the last hurdle in the fiercely competitive event.

Under the skilful guidance of jockey Niall Moore, Mark Cahill's charge had to dig deep, rallying from fifth position after the penultimate hurdle. With a burst of speed, John The Diva rallied to secure a narrow victory at the finish line.

The 11/2 odds-on favourite had previously finished fourth in a challenging handicap race at Punchestown, showcasing his potential in the build-up to this impressive win.

Reflecting on the victory, Cahill commented,

"He had shown promise in point-to-point races two years ago but faced setbacks that led to a break. Since his return, he has demonstrated steady improvement and displayed great determination today. Despite initial doubts, he proved his resilience and stamina."

Looking ahead, Cahill hinted at future plans, stating,

"We will continue racing while conditions are favourable, and next season, he will transition to chasing. John The Diva has the qualities of a promising chaser in the making, and we are excited for what lies ahead."

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