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    Track Conditions Report
Track Conditions Report
Navan Racecourse by Healy Racing

Track Conditions Report

Clonmel Racecourse's current condition continues to render it unsuitable for racing, prompting ongoing monitoring in anticipation of its rescheduled fixture next Thursday.

Last Thursday's races were called off, and the track remains unfit for use. Weather forecasts, however, offer a glimmer of hope, predicting drier and milder conditions from Tuesday onwards, albeit under close observation.

Meanwhile, Navan, scheduled for races tomorrow, has experienced a downpour of 17mm of rain overnight, leaving the ground heavy. Further rainfall of 10-15mm is expected throughout today before clearing up tonight.

Over at Leopardstown, gearing up for races on Sunday and Monday, 14mm of rain fell overnight. The hurdle course's condition is marked as 'soft to heavy', while the chase track is graded as 'soft'.

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