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    Jack Kennedy and Paul Townsend are the title contenders
Jack Kennedy and Paul Townsend are the title contenders
Jack Kennedy and Paul Townsend are the title contenders. Source: theirishfield.ie

Jack Kennedy and Paul Townsend are the title contenders

According to Paul Townend's agent, he's reached a level that makes him one of the all-time great jockeys; Jack Kennedy's agent thinks his man is doing absolutely amazing work this season.

At the Punchestown festival, the Irish jump jockeys' championship is expected to conclude with a triumph. Kennedy leads by six points, 121 to 115, and it appears that he will maintain his lead heading into the final week of competition.

Ciaran O'Toole, who represents Townend, described the experience as follows: "He's a great rider, and one of the best ever. There is no question, he's up there with the likes of Ruby Walsh and AP McCoy now. He has every single box ticked – he's a great tactician, he has great timing, he's a great horseman, he's very good with people and is an absolute gentleman to deal with. Paul is an intelligent guy with a very nice manner. He's got an incredible talent and when you put it all together you've got something very special. He's an incredible ambassador who is a pleasure to deal with and he's always gracious in defeat, whether he's winning or losing. He's the sort of sportsperson young kids should aspire to be."

Regarding his participation in Townend's decision-making, O'Toole continued: "I always try to steer him in the right direction when he asks for advice, but you never know what's going to happen when horses get down to the start."

When he was asked whether he thought Townend could claim a seventh championship, he said: "I think at the end of the year both riders are sound and happy and healthy, that's the most important thing. To win the championship would be fantastic, but the reality is that there's no sense in being foolish either."

Since Kennedy missed all of May and June due to injury and only had six winners by the end of July, his agent Kevin O'Ryan believes that Kennedy has been setting a scorching pace in the championship for the last few months.

O'Ryan said: "The two lads are pure gentlemen, you would have to travel a long way to meet two nicer chaps than Jack and Paul. They are a credit to the sport and brilliant ambassadors.

What Jack has done this season is phenomenal, especially when you consider he missed the first two months. You never hear a peep out of him. He keeps his head down and works hard. He's a dream to deal with."

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