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    HRI response on RTE Investigates documentary
HRI response on RTE Investigates documentary
Suzanne Eade - CEO of Horse Racing Ireland. Source: hri.ie

HRI response on RTE Investigates documentary

The Board, management, and staff at Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) are shocked and dismayed by the disturbing content of the RTÉ Investigates documentary that aired on RTÉ 1 tonight.

The criminal behaviour shown in the documentary is abhorrent and does not represent the majority of the 30,000 individuals who work in the horse racing and breeding industry in Ireland.

HRI has a strict policy of zero tolerance towards any mistreatment of horses and fully supports imposing criminal and regulatory consequences on those who engage in illegal activities involving horses.

The safety and well-being of horses is HRI's highest priority, and this year, the organisation will be investing €16.1 million in welfare and integrity services. Thoroughbred horses are protected under Irish and EU laws, with extensive legal and regulatory measures in place from birth throughout their racing careers and beyond.

HRI will thoroughly examine the issues brought to light in the RTÉ documentary and will actively cooperate with any investigations conducted by the Department of Agriculture or An Garda Síochána. They encourage anyone with information regarding the mistreatment of horses to come forward and report it.

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