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    Famous Race Horses of All Time: Secretariat & Winx
Famous Race Horses of All Time: Secretariat & Winx
Winx. Source: Racenet

Famous Race Horses of All Time: Secretariat & Winx

The sport of horse racing boasts an extensive roster of renowned runners, making it impossible for any article on "top horses" to capture the essence of this rich history adequately. We could spend countless hours delving into the archives and historical articles, reminiscing about the magnificent triumphs of legendary figures and extraordinary accomplishments from various corners of the globe. 

Secretariat. The United States horse racing scene had gone over two and a half decades without a Triple Crown champion until the remarkable emergence of Secretariat in 1973. Known as Big Red, this stallion bred by Christopher Chenery was an impressive competitor on the racecourse, triumphing in 16 out of his 21 races. Secretariat gained widespread recognition for his remarkable victories in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes in 1973, where he achieved unprecedented race time records in each event. Those three records still need to be unbroken even now.

Despite his moderate success as a stud, Secretariat's legacy extends far beyond the racecourse. His remarkable performance and the substantial earnings he generated for his owners are a testament to his enduring influence in the world of horse racing.

Winx. Very few racehorses can match the unparalleled dominance of Winx from Australia. The mare trained by Chris Waller achieved an impressive feat by winning 33 consecutive races over a span of four years, culminating in a glorious retirement in 2019. 

Winx achieved an impressive record of 28 Grade 1 victories, which encompassed a variety of prestigious races such as the Queen Elizabeth Stakes, Apollo Stakes, Queensland Oaks, Epsom Handicap, and W. S. Cox Plates. Her sheer dominance in the Warwick Stakes, with an impressive three victories, led to the race being renamed the Winx Stakes in 2018. She concluded her profession with an unprecedented $18.7m accumulated in prize earnings.

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