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    Smartest Racehorse names
Smartest Racehorse names
Horse with eyeglasses. Source: Midjourney

Smartest Racehorse names

Many individuals who own racehorses dedicate significant time to selecting an appropriate name for their promising contenders. A common approach involves combining the names of the horse's sire (father) and dam (mum). Presented below are a few examples of the most ingenious horse names that have adorned racecourses throughout history.

We Will Rock You

The person who gave the name We Will Rock You was obviously a devoted fan of the band Queen.

The horse We Will Rock You was intentionally named after one of Queen's most famous songs. This choice of name was not accidental.

The horse's father, Great Pretender, also had a name that corresponded to a song recorded by Freddie Mercury, and his mother, I Want It All, was named after another Queen track.

Unfortunately, We Will Rock You has not been successful in his racing career. In his most recent race, a Fairyhouse maiden hurdle, he had to be pulled up. This disappointing performance adds to a series of lacklustre races, totalling four so far.

Might Bite. Source: Racing and Sports
Might Bite. Source: Racing and Sports

Might Bite

Although Might Bite is a son of Scorpion, his name does not stem from a misconception about scorpions biting instead of stinging. In fact, the origin of his name lies in his trainer Nicky Henderson's passion for fishing.

Might Bite's mother, Knotted Midge, is named after a type of fly commonly used in trout fishing. The syndicate that owned Might Bite, known as The Knot Again Partnership, chose his name as a nod to their association with fishing. 

Might Bite has proven to be one of the most accomplished chasers in his generation, exemplifying his talent and skill in racing. Notably, he emerged as the victor in the 2017 King George VI Chase.


Celibate, who enjoyed a career lasting close to a decade, competed against renowned two-mile chasers such as Edredon Bleu, Flagship Uberalles, and Call Equiname. His most remarkable achievement came when he triumphed in the prestigious Grade 1 BMW Chase at Punchestown in 1999.

The appropriateness of Celibate's name resonated with his trainer, the esteemed figure in racing, Charlie Mann. The clever naming of Celibate resulted from the combination of his sire, Shy Groom, and his dam, Dance Alone.


Upon the retirement of Pursuit Of Love, the victorious contender in the Prix Maurice de Gheest, numerous amusing naming possibilities emerged for his progeny. Among them, Geespot stood out as one of the most entertaining choices. Although Geespot's accomplishments were limited to two victories in modest Flat selling races under the guidance of trainer Dominic Ffrench Davis, his name remains memorable.

Considering Geespot's lineage, being the offspring of Pursuit Of Love and the dam My Discovery, one can easily deduce the clever wordplay behind his name.


Before the emergence of Frankel, Warning stood out as one of the exceptional horses that proudly sported the renowned colours of Khalid Abdulla on the path to significant victories.

During the late 1980s, Warning achieved victories in prestigious races such as the Sussex Stakes, Queen Elizabeth II Stakes, and the Queen Anne Stakes.

Just like his outstanding racing accomplishments, Warning's name exhibited cleverness. The combination of his sire, Known Fact, and his dam, Slightly Dangerous, resulted in a name that served as a cautionary sign—a fitting representation of his talent and success.

Bouncy Bouncy

There was a consistent pattern in the naming of certain horses related to Bouncy Bouncy.

Bouncy Bouncy's grandmother was named Supportive, and she gave birth to a lively filly named Wunderbra.

As a result, Wunderbra's daughter was named Bouncy Bouncy. Throughout her career, she received training from Michael Bell and achieved success by winning four races, three of which were guided by jockey Hayley Turner.

Bachelors Pad

Bachelors Pad, a progeny of the stallion Pursuit Of Love, was given a name by his original owner that cleverly encompassed a double meaning.

Born to the mare Note Book, Bachelors Pad had a lengthy career but fell short of achieving the notable milestone of winning one hundred races. Throughout his racing journey, he managed to secure victories on nine occasions, competing in a total of 99 races spanning both sides of the millennium.

Near Kettering. Source: Racing Sports
Near Kettering. Source: Racing Sports

Near Kettering

Near Kettering, a horse that achieved victory in a race for trainer Luca Cumani, was given a name that cleverly referenced Geography. As his career progressed, he went on to secure three wins in hurdle races under the guidance of Sam England. Unfortunately, his career came to a close in September 2022. The inspiration behind his name was his mother, Where's Broughton, which originates from the location near Kettering, aptly named Where's Broughton.

Wait For The Will

Paul Mellon, the owner-breeder of the famous racehorse Mill Reef who won the Derby in 1971, held a prominent position among America's wealthiest individuals. Additionally, he was widely recognised for his immense generosity as a philanthropist, providing support for various causes.

Wait For The Will, a horse adorned in Mellon's distinctive black-and-gold racing colours, participated in two races shortly before Mellon's passing in 1999. Considering the lineage of the horse, being sired by the stallion Seeking The Gold and out of the mare You'd Be Surprised, the name of the horse likely brought amusement to Mellon's family.

Considering Mellon's philanthropic disposition during his lifetime, it is not surprising that his charitable endeavours continued even after his demise.


The victor of the Oaks in 1974 possessed a cleverly chosen name. This horse was both owned and bred by Louis Freedman, who would go on to achieve success in the Derby with Reference Point.

Polygamy, the horse in question, was sired by the stallion Reform and her dam was Seventh Bride. Despite the irony of her name, Polygamy, she tragically passed away before having any surviving offspring.

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