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    Scott Spieth Wins His 4,998th Race, Aims For 5,000 Victories
Scott Spieth Wins His 4,998th Race, Aims For 5,000 Victories

Scott Spieth Wins His 4,998th Race, Aims For 5,000 Victories

The opening race at Tampa Bay Downs on Saturday witnessed a striking moment as 4-year-old Florida-bred filly, Immortallove, veered towards Miss Easy from the No. 2 post, displaying a hint of aggression by attempting to nip at her counterpart. Jockey Scott Spieth, well-versed in Immortallove's spirited nature, promptly intervened to steer her in the right direction. He later marked that the horse was obedient and quickly distanced herself from the opponent when cued to move forward.

Immortallove surged to victory by a length over Oscar Gaze, securing her second career win under the ownership of Endsley Oaks Farm. This victory marked Spieth's 4,998th career win, positioning him on the verge of entering the esteemed 5,000-win club, becoming the 35th jockey in North American history to achieve this milestone.

Image Source: Midjourney

Scheduled to pursue his 4,999th win in the fourth race at Oldsmar, Florida on Wednesday aboard Where Paradise Lay, an 8-year-old gelding, Spieth remains composed as he approaches this significant achievement, emulating the recent feat of jockey Corey Lanerie on October 18 at Keeneland.

Aldana Spieth, trainer of Immortallove, expressed confidence in her husband's composure, despite the impending milestone. She shared a humorous insight, remarking, “Maybe I have more (stress) than he does. He’s not worrying. He knows he’s going to get there”.

The Spieths encountered a moment of anxiety on February 5 when Scott, renowned for his fitness throughout his career, was admitted to Town and Country Hospital due to flu-like symptoms, which were diagnosed as dehydration. Following a two-night hospital stay, he swiftly returned to assist his wife with the management of her 16-horse stable. Aldana Spieth highlighted Scott's dedication, emphasising his eagerness to be actively involved in the stable's operations.

Reflecting on his recovery, Spieth affirmed his commitment to his role beyond racing, stating that he consideres himself a good horseman just as well as a good jockey. Scott helps his wife’s business by working with 6 or 7 horses every morning.

Looking ahead, Spieth anticipates his upcoming races aboard Aldana Spieth's promising horses, including the graded stakes-placed colt Dreaming of Kona and the talented filly Yellow Feathers, both under Aldana Spieth's ownership in collaboration with Lisa Ballou and Steve Ballou. Despite a decrease in racing opportunities, Scott Spieth remains resolute about continuing beyond his imminent 5,000-win milestone.

Image Source: Midjourney

Expressing his enthusiasm for future engagements, Spieth, who is now in his late fifties, affirmed that he is in great shape and thrilled to be back in the saddle. According to the jockey, retirement is not on his mind until his body and mind will signal when the time is right, which is currently not a concern.

As discussions revolve around his impending 5,000th win, Spieth lightheartedly shared the banter from trainer Gerry Bennett about selecting the horse for this remarkable milestone: Bennett asked Aldana Spieth to get Scott a horse for his 4,999th victory so that he can later achieve the 5,000th with one of Bennet’s steeds. Regardless of the horse or timing, it is highly probable that Spieth will be back at the stables before sunrise the following day, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the world of equine sports.


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