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    Kelly Thomas: Local Breeder’s Plans
Kelly Thomas: Local Breeder’s Plans

Kelly Thomas: Local Breeder’s Plans

Welsh breeder Kelly Thomas experienced a phenomenal year with Vandeek, a two-year-old colt bred at her Maywood Stud. Vandeek displayed an unbeaten record and showcased his exceptional talent by securing Group 1 victories in the Prix Morny and Middle Park Stakes. In an interview with Thoroughbred Daily News, Thomas revealed that her achievements have resonated with industry peers, positioning her as an inspiration for smaller breeders. Furthermore, she provided insights into her aspirations for Vandeek's upcoming season and elaborated on her breeding philosophy.

When questioned about Vandeek's potential, Thomas expressed genuine excitement, acknowledging that his current trajectory could lead to remarkable accomplishments. She emphasised that the colt's impressive performances thus far indicate that he could achieve great heights.

Image Source: Midjourney

In terms of Vandeek's preferred distance, Thomas believes that if the race is suited to him, a mile would not pose a challenge. She explained that his ability to relax during races, combined with his towering stature and remarkable stride, might enable him to exhibit a strong turn of foot when required. While acknowledging that his current distance of six furlongs is his speciality, she emphasised that the colt's lineage includes a grandmother who won over a mile in France, suggesting the potential for success at longer distances.

Thomas reiterated her fondness for speed horses and her commitment to breeding commercially appealing progeny. She acknowledged the difficulties faced by smaller breeders and highlighted how her success story with Vandeek has provided hope and inspiration within the industry. The breeder acknowledged the financial challenges of breeding, coupled with the uncertainty of outcomes, but still expressed gratitude for the positive impact her accomplishments have had on others.

When asked about adjustments made to her operation amid the current economic climate, Thomas emphasised the importance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. While considering the use of more expensive stallions through foal shares, she stressed the necessity of breeding their small band of mares to ensure a consistent production of horses for sale.

Thomas also disclosed her plans for Mosa Mine, Vandeek's dam, revealing her intention to return the mare to Havana Grey, Vandeek's sire, for breeding. She expressed delight at the prospect of having a horse trained at Ballydoyle and anticipated the financial benefits that would allow them to invest in facility improvements and acquire additional broodmares.

Image Source: Midjourney

Thomas revealed the stallions her mares are in foal to, emphasising the importance of speed in their choices. She mentioned Twilight Son, Masar, and Perfect Power as examples of stallions they have selected based on their speed.

In summarising her breeding philosophy, Thomas emphasised the need to enjoy the process, take the highs and lows in stride, and make decisions independently. She highlighted the importance of caring for the horses' well-being and expressed gratitude for the support of friends and family.

Thomas acknowledged the unpredictability of breeding and the fact that even the best combinations can yield unexpected results. However, she remains optimistic and hopes her success story can inspire other breeders to persevere and potentially produce future champions.

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