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    Triumphant Pana To Milan Reigns Once More at Thurles
Triumphant Pana To Milan Reigns Once More at Thurles
Pana To Milan at Thurles by Healy Racing

Triumphant Pana To Milan Reigns Once More at Thurles

In a display of impressive form, Pana To Milan clinched successive victories at Thurles by comfortably triumphing in the Killinan Handicap Hurdle.

Trained by the adept Mick Winters, this mare had previously excelled in the realm of fences at the same venue just a month ago. Despite being considered a 4/1 shot, she displayed her prowess by transitioning back to the smaller hurdles, a move that evidently paid off.

Under the skilled guidance of Liam McKenna, the daughter of Sageburg maintained a leading position throughout the race and surged ahead after the penultimate obstacle. Although a slight misstep at the final hurdle occurred, she had ample reserves as she elegantly eased to a victory margin of four lengths over Jay Pee M.

Reflecting on the triumph, Winters remarked,

"She consistently displayed promise in her races but struggled to close out effectively and thrives when conditions are in her favour. We maintain a diligent routine with her at our stables, and it appears she has attained a level of peak fitness and vigour. Our recent relocation to new premises with access to our private water source may have inadvertently contributed to this remarkable outcome."

He continued,

"Her performance is notably impacted by ground conditions, with her requiring optimal conditions to truly excel and assert her dominance. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Liam McKenna for his exceptional handling of the situation."

Winters fondly reminisced about his earlier association with the Leave Him Alone syndicate, recalling an encounter decades ago when he achieved victory riding Homer for Gerry Cully in a Guide Dogs Charity Race at Mallow. This nostalgic memory, dating back approximately four to five decades, evoked a sense of triumph akin to the legendary John Wayne.

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