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    Brian Toomey: From Near-Fatal Fall to Training Triumphs
Brian Toomey: From Near-Fatal Fall to Training Triumphs
Source: Lambourn

Brian Toomey: From Near-Fatal Fall to Training Triumphs

Brian Toomey, a former jockey who survived a near-fatal fall, has begun a new career as a racehorse trainer. Toomey experienced a severe accident in 2013 during a race in Perth, where he was thrown from his horse and suffered critical injuries, leading to an induced coma and surgical interventions.

Despite the grim prognosis and a brief declaration of his death by racing authorities, Toomey recovered. He faced significant challenges during his recovery, including relearning basic tasks and dealing with memory loss. Determined to return to horse racing, he aimed to regain his jockey's licence, facing skepticism and concerns for his safety.

After an attempted comeback as a jockey, which was met with hesitation from owners and trainers, Toomey shifted his focus to training horses. He overcame financial and practical obstacles to establish his training yard, drawing support from various quarters, including prominent figures in the racing industry.

Toomey's first training success came with Wake Up Harry, owned by Harry Redknapp. Despite challenges and doubts, Toomey remains committed to his new career and is hopeful for the future

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